About me

About me

Dearest visitor,

If you stumbled up onto this page or blog it means you too have a thing for words.

They have been my particular form of artistic and professional expressions for many years now and I (finally) decided to open up a personal perspective on things. Here we will discuss literature, life, love from a perspective of a poet, philosopher, activist, introvert, traveler and all other segments that can impact or reflect an individual.

I have provided freelance and ghostwriting services continually since 2012 and have gained experience since and made many mistakes that may be of help to young fellow writers, who are starting fresh with their career or are on a lookout for new ideas and strategies on how to spark their creativity. Writing to me is more than a profession and a lifestyle. I portray it as a choice and a way of life that has its beauties and downsides, like everything in life. I am a vintage book and postcard scavenger, curious art lover and just an average out of the ordinary.

There are many untold stories and ways that writers and thinkers can help one another. I sincerely hope that you will find some words of support and comfort reading my stories and/or some guest posts of interest. There are many writers blogs and websites where you can gain some insights, I will try to give you a raw and objective piece of mind and encourage you to feel free to do the same!

We live in a crazy and fun time, I hope that together we can find new ways to make something out of it.

Have a fantastic and creative day.

Your Screwy Scribbler

aka Franceska